Cobey Lusinger is a communication designer born and raised in the Texas Hill Country and currently based in Brooklyn. He likes to think about how written languages look and what their visual form can say beyond their semantic function.
        Cobey gets excited for publication and editorial design, motion graphics, film, and typeface design. He wishes to learn more about CG animation, copyright and IP law, American Sign Language, and the art of paper-making.

Some Projects
        And In the Vast City, an animated short based on the work of Russian avante-guarde illustrators.
         The Contemporary Androgyne : A Reader, an editorial design and bookbinding which conflicts with the parameters of prescribed layouts.
        Francis Picabia : Our Heads Are Round So Our Thoughts Can Change Direction, an exhibition identity concept based on MoMA’s original of the renowned copy-cat artist.
        Origin of Earth, a children’s book illustration and design for an origin tale of the world as told first by the Native American Tuskegee.
        Echo en abyme ( Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany ), a type design and bookbinding concept for an infinitely readable book.

Project List

Animation Cache

        ModMag Conference, Magculture, 2019, moderated by Jeremie Leslie : Student introductory speaker for one-day conference on global contemporary magazine design and culture.
        Teaching Graphic Design, 2nd Edition, ed. Steven Heller, Allworth Press, 2017 : Work showcased for under-graduate branding design work as part of Heller’s catalog of contemporary graphic design curricula ( per Kevin Brainard, COLLINS ).
        Walsworth Yearbooks’ Gallery of Excellence Award, 2013, 2014 : Awarded The Mustang annual for its outstanding merit in editorial design, cover design, and photography for a high school yearbook.



Cerulean, My Yellow

Teeth that click / they chatter / some with gaps / and with none / yellow, smooth / clean and nude. Breezes fill / crushed like rock / mint that’s sweet / never break / steady touch / only laughs. Ashen smile / hot, white tip / this is first / heat may build / shared but split / hands can’t grip. But look up / clouds and stars / scintillant / the dark blinds / never end / chest feels small. Circle back / gain once more / sever bonds / lost again / in the void / I can’t see. I can’t breathe.

Cerulean, My Yellow is an experimental short film based on a poem written about one of my happiest, yet frustrating, memories. Set in the format of a monologue, the poem is recited through improvisation based on the original text above.

experimental film
digital (1080p), color, 2:49
Marble Falls, Texas

other projects